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Card Operated, Always Attended, Monster Washers & Dryers, and Ozone Sanitizing!

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Stow & Kent

Laundry Time – Stow laundromat proudly serves the Stow and Kent communities with outstanding customer service, superior equipment, and ozone sanitizing with every wash.

Discounted prices & free laundry soap with every wash every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

aquawing ozone system for laundromat

Now Featuring Ozone

Free with every wash!

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a third oxygen molecule that is created from a high electrical voltage or UV light being passed through oxygen molecules.

How does Ozone work?

Ozone works to produce a powerful cleaning agent that is often used at institutional locations. It’s injected in with cold water and destroyes bacteria, mold, greases, & soil. Read More Here. 

Is it good for my clothes?

Absolutely! Ozone is completely safe for all fabrics and items. It helps eliminate stains, soils, blood, odors, mold, mildew, brightens whites, and even sanitizes the machine after each use! 

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About Our Stow-Kent Location

High-Spin Speed Washers

Our washers spin out at a mind-blowing 400G force! This means you’ll dry less and spend less time doing laundry. In-and-out in under an hour!

Our Equipment Mix:

  • 2x 80lb. MONSTER Washers (8-load)
  • 2x 60lb. Washers (6-load)
  • 12x 40lb. Washers (4-load)
  • 16x 20lb. Washers (2-load)


Large ExpressDry Dryers

Finish your laundry process with our fast drying ExpressDry dryers. We have standard commercial dryers, and two large commercial dryers with reversing cylinders specifically made for comforters and bulk laundry.

Our Equipment Mix:

  • 2x 55lb. MONSTER Dryer (6+ load)
  • 34x 30lb. Dryer Pockets (3-load)

Ozone Sanitizing

Ozone is a third oxygen molecule that is created in the laundromat that is injected into every washer, every cycle! This breaks down bacteria, mold, greases, soils, and much more. The best news? It’s completely free!

Wash-Dry-Fold Service (Drop-Off Service)

Use our WDF Service if you’re too busy to do laundry, or simply like having the pros do it!

Bulk laundry is $1.25 per pound, and other items range in price! We work with comforters, rugs, sleeping bags, linens, bedding, and so much more!

Always Attended

Our laundromat is always attended by a knowledgeable and trained attendant. Feel free to ask them how to use equipment, load your laundry card, or talk about your favorite TV show!

Card Operated

Say “Good-Bye” to dropping 20+ quarters in a machine to start it. Our laundromat is 100% card operated, and can be loaded at a card kiosk that accepts both cash and credit/debit cards. Additionally, if you have quarters, we can exchange that for funds to add to a card!

Wash-Dry-Fold Service

Are you too busy to do your laundry, or simply, not like to do it? Well, Laundry Time – Stow can help! Our outstanding Wash-Dry-Fold (WDF) service is an excellent time saver, and perfect for anyone! 

When you drop your laundry off, you will either be charged per pound for bulk laundry, or a set price for another item (comforter, etc.). At that point, you’ll pay and specify how you’d like your items cleaned. After that, we will call you when the laundry is completed. We wash, dry, fold, and bag all of your items, and a typical turnaround time is only 1-2 hours!


Drop Off

Leave your items with our highly trained laundry attendant on duty. We’re open 7AM – 11PM with unlimited drop-off hours.



Pricing varies based on what you drop off! Bulk clothes are $1.25 per pound, while comforters and blankets are charged based on size.


Pick Up

Doing your laundry right, and in a timely manner is our forte. Come back in about 2 hours, and it’ll be all done; Wash-Dry-Folded to perfection.



“Laundry time in Stow is always kept very clean, even before COVID. The employees are friendly and always offer assistance. Adding cash or using a credit card to the in house laundry card is a breeze. Multiple units in various sizing including the "Monster 10 load" it is a beautiful thing to be able to wash a full giant load of sheets and blankets in one of these bad boys. They also have two of the giant dryers they rotate direction every 30 seconds. Blankets and sheets come out clean and dry!.”

Brian M., 5-Star Google Review

“This is the cleanest laundromat I have ever been to! I drive 14 miles to go to this laundromat, when there is a laundromat about 3.5miles from my house and another one about 7 miles away. There is always an attendant there, which makes a HUGE difference, I believe, because someone is constantly monitoring the activity and the cleanliness of the laundromat...I highly recommend this exceptional laundromat.”

Sherlea, C., 5-Star Google Review.

“As much as I hate going out to do laundry, this is a good place to do it. Always clean and the workers are really nice.”

Beth K., 5-Star Google Review.

"Very clean and sanitized after every customer. Nice staff!.”

Diane S., 5-Star Google Review


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